dashi and umami cooking class


Hi, I am Aki. I have dashi and umamicooking class in Tokushima and Kyoto, Japan.

For the people who wants to know the basis of Japanese food,  dashi & umami, and rice, I start the cooking class for you.

When you visit Japan, you can eat Japanese food and see rice and miso-soup many times.

Rice and miso-soup are not only the basis of Japanese food, but also soul food for Japanese.

Most of the restaurant or cooking lesson, rice and miso-soup are normal foods so they serve you as a part of foods.

But I think that understanding about rice and miso-soup, you’ll know about Japan, culture, enviroment, and history more deeply.

So, in my cooking class, you cook rice and miso-soup from the first by yourself, and taste some kinds of dashi & umami.


◎Plum course 5000 yen

・Explain about Washoku , Japanese traditional cuisine, dashi and umami.

・Taste 3 or 4 kinds of traditional dashi-soup and dashi ingredients.

・Cook miso-soup and rice by yourself from the first and eat.

◎Bamboo course 7000 yen

・same as Plum course

・Make Ponzu (blended soysauce , dashi and fresh citrus fruit juice made in Tokushima). It is nice for using as dressing for meal.

◎Pine course 20000 yen

・same as Bamboo course

・Take you to the local dashi and miso shop.

Dashi is Japanese soup-stock and basis of traditional Japanese cuisine, Washoku.

Washoku was registered as a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage in 2013 and Washoku is a World-Class.

Understanding dashi means understanding Washoku and Japanese culture, history and umami.  

Dashi is made by with all natural ingredients.  

Especialy for Washoku, we use dried ingredients such as Katsuobushi (dried Bonito), Kombu( a kind of seaweed), Niboshi(boiled and dried seafood) and Hoshi-Shiitake(dried Japanese mushroom).

You can make dashi very easily with these dashi-ingredients, because there are so many skills of craftsmen to make and wisdom of Japanese.

Let’s make dashi and Japanese food by yourself and feel more Japan!!