The lesson of Dashi Kitchen Manmaru


Hello, I’m Aki, Dashi Kitchen Manmaru

Have you ever made dashi by yourself?
Dashi, Japanese soup stock is very unique in the world.
You can make dashi in a few minutes and the ingredients are all natural such as fish, Kombu(seaweeds),mushrooms.
If you want to know about the ingredients,
Please see this
I would like you to experience to make dashi and taste.
And tell you about the ingredients and Japanese culture.

To make dashi-ingredients, it contain many Japanese philosophy and culture, I think.

You are going to use dashi-pot

If you don’t want use any fish for dashi, please tell me. You can use some dried vegetable, Kombu, and Tofu…

With dashi, we’ll make miso-soup or vegetable soup.

Miso and soysauce are also characteristic Japanese seasoning.

I make miso by myself so I hope you like.

After the lecture, let’s eat Japanese home-style cooking.


I hope you enjoy my lesson!!